“Mustapha” – a Short Film Teaser, Directed by: Umanu Ojochenemi Elijah

folio-baimg-20161026-wa0003A story of a boy named Mustapha who is hated by his fellow student because he is a Muslim and from the north were terrorism originated from. He is on a quest to prove to the society that terrorism is a decision not a religion.

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A film directed by  Mr. Umanu Ojochenemi Elijah

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Exclusive interview with a Budding Movie Maker “Seun Afolabi” AKA the “Storyteller”

Meet Seun Afolabi, a young budding Nigerian creative entrepreneur, a film maker to be precise. Seun, popularly refered to [by his friends] as the “storyteller” 1186094_375983549198131_1095284621_n strongly believes that, “a well told story could be used as a very useful tool for Nation building”. Mr. Afolabi the eldest child amongst three other siblings took out time to chat with funTAQA to share with us on his journey so far…

What do you like most about your profession?

I use to say (I still say though) that I don’t just want to be a product of my society but rather I want my society to be a product of me. I love the fact that my kind of profession enables me to impact my society in my own little way and still get paid doing it.

How long have you been doing this?

I have always being a storyteller as far as I can remember. I started out as a stage actor in my secondary school days,then I went on to study theatre and performing arts at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.it was on campus that I started making movies officially, I made ESCALADE my first short film in 2013 and since then I have been making movies. So officially, this is my third year.

Who are your models?

Everybody out there churning out great and impacting movies but Kunle Afolayan seems to be the greatest motivation. His approach to film making and film business especially, challenges me.

So how is the reception from the public regarding some of your project?

I really want to bless God for this, the public have always shown tremendous love and support for my works. Even some of them that I don’t feel too comfortable with (most times I feel like I could have done better than that) the audience some way still applaud them. I can see my fan base growing steadily as more work I do. I am grateful.63771_10152954116508223_966242631562959344_n

How far are you willing to push yourself?

I am willing to push my brand as far as telling African stories to the entire world.

Do you think the public and critics expect too much from Nigerian movie makers despite the strenuous work environment?

Yes, I think the public and critics expect too much from us. From all claims and historical records, this industry is a growing infant. The expectations of the critics from us is like expecting a newly born baby to get up and stand walking immediately but I also think some filmmakers are taking the public for granted, underrating their imagination and insulting to their intelligence by produce some lame movies. I believe with the new waves going on in the industry, the critics expectations are not far from being met.

Did you get the support you’ve always wanted from your parents and siblings?

Yes. My parents and siblings have been very supportive and encouraging of my careers. They are my first fans and critics.

Do you have any fantasy you’d like to share with us?

Fantasy? Well let’s just say,I want to get an Oscar someday.

If you were a woman how different do you think your career would have gone?

If I were a woman,I am sure I would still be doing what am doing at the moment, creating audio visual contents for TV.

Do you think the past government was helpful to Entertainment business in Nigeria [especially the movie arm] despite the many promise[s]?


L-R: Seun on set with his crew; looking for ways to improve shot angles on one of his projects

I don’t have facts about that, I didn’t benefit from it. I was like every other citizen; we saw only the imageries the media presented to us.

Take for instance you are part of delegates of Nigerian Entertainment Practitioners meeting with the current government to proffer solution on the way forward what would be your take?

I would suggest that the entertainment industry be respected and treated like every other industry, as a matter of fact, our industry can contribute a big deal in nation building.

What is the most important decision you have made recently?

The most important decision is expanding the scope of my brand by getting involved in talent management

Who would you regard as your best movie maker in Nigeria presently?

Any and every movie maker out there with the genuine intent of causing positive change in the society is my best movie maker.wardrobes banner 3

What’s your life’s philosophy?

If you want to be relevant at 30, start at 13

When are you completely satisfied with your work?

The moment my work influences change and development to the society

Any immediate project we should look out for soon?

I have a couple of projects in the works, personal projects and other collaborations with other production companies. 

Any parting words for fans and prospects?

If you want to be relevant at 30 start at 13 and if your are already 30 or above, now is a second chance to start. Thank you for supporting Seun Afolabi. Thank you for supporting Blueprint Studios Nig. Thank you for supporting African cinema. Keep supporting. I love you all.

See below to watch some of his concluded works:

Project SOS and “Omotoshan” directed by Seun Afolabi