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Necklines for the Voluptuous Bustby Amanda Egwuonwu

This woman’s main objective is to minimize her apparent bust and bring her body back to proportion.

Taking your attention back to the previous post.It’s important to note that, most of the mentioned necklines fit both petite and average busts.

It is indeed amazing to know that some of these necklines fit both the petite and voluptuous.

The key hole for instance, is good for all sizes, but ideal for the petite. It usually shows the cleavage on the voluptuous woman. This means that the ‘endowed’ woman can wear it when she deliberately wants to have that look. 

The V-neckline usually dissects large chests, but it can also create interest for a smaller bust.

Check this out:









The Boat/Bateau

The Boat/Bateau

Pictures culled from &

Necklines for the Petite bustby Amanda Egwuonwu

One needs to take great care while deciding the neckline on one’s dress. It’s important you wear the ones that will enhance your features and conceal your flaws. Keep in mind that all necklines may not look good on all dress form and body types.

That being the case, individuals with Petite bust should aim to maximize their busts without unbalancing their proportions.

Here are some of the outfits they can wear:

Pictures culled from



the crew

the crew

the halter

the halter

the turtleneck

the turtleneck

the keyhole

the keyhole

deep U

deep U

A Touch of Red……… Amanda Egwuonwu

Yeah, Yeah!!! It’s that season again and we are keeping it real.

Are you supposed to keep this special date on your way back from the office after a tedious day, and you’re wondering what to do?

A quick scan through these selections will guide you on how to either step up what you already have on with shoes and accessories, or slide it down by taking off that jacket and wearing a sandal to have a casual look.

On the alternative, pack that lovely dinner dress nicely and change completely.

Click here to view the pictures:

The Print as Costume by Amanda Egwuonwu


The African Print has evolved over the years from very simple designs used as wrappers to a variety of categories with amazing interpretations.


Prints like Women’s lives represent family,love and house work. Town life and what it brings represents alphabets,objects,money,power e.t.c Nature represents animals and flower while Rythms represent music and drums.

Ankara 2

Ankara 13

Nigerian Designers, using these various prints display their creativity not just by making clothes alone but “making a statement on one’s identity as African”. Considering the fact that these prints portray the heritage of our tribes, while each motif and pattern tells a story.

Ankara 11


Whatz in a dress by Amanda Egwuonwu

A (1)

The Encarta dictionaries defined a dress as a one piece garment for women and girls combining a bodice with or without sleeves and a skirt and covering most part of the body.




Wearing a dress that is congruent to our body lines and dimensions create a balanced impression of being born with the dress i.e. besides protection from cold to keep us warm and the ability to conceal things we may prefer not to make public like a bulging belly, dry skin, birth/stretch marks.


In a dress lies a strong communicator of information during social interactions/gatherings which helps in the formation of one’s self identity. It also expresses one’s personality especially when the wearer bears it in mind that a dress worn to an event has the ability to boost one’s self confidence.  

Wearing what fits sets one on the right mood, and above all has a positive influence on how others perceive and identify with you.

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