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Big Brother Reality Star Game; A Generational mess!By RESH

Something in my mind, I wanna talk about it, feel it deep inside, cannot suppress it and “No” this is not love because I am not Tuface but rather a demoralized and troubled heart. 


Yes, I am talking to Big Brother and her fans, the largely viewed show across Africa and beyond.

Big Brother is the original Dutch version of the international reality television franchise Big Brother. It created the format in which contestants live in an isolated house trying to avoid being evicted by the public with the aim of a prize at the end. This Endemol production set the rules for other versions of Big Brother. Thus, the premiere Big Brother Africa version, featuring 12 housemates from 12 different African countries, to audiences in 42 African countries on Sunday May 25, 2003. It was the first time in the world that the internationally famous program will be created using participants of different nationalities from one continent. 

Having supplied the history to the subject matter let’s examine the overall objective of the game, especially with regards the moral values it leaves on the youths since majority in Nigeria and other countries in the continent enjoy the popular African version of the series.  

Although people have argued that the programme adds no value to the lives of viewers, adding that it is only but a “moral pervert” which if censored or totally banned from viewing in Nigeria will do much good to the youths. Majority condemned the show in all totality saying children learn the bad sides of life easily while the good sides have to be imparted on them. One woman said “I have seen many cases when you teach children and they just won’t learn, but when it comes to imitating what they have seen on TV, they do that perfectly with no guidance”.


Judging by the concept adopted i.e. the real human inter-relation but If you are a sincere avid follower of the series you will agree there are more shady side to see in the programme. In hindsight “the more controversy the more viewership” and the term controversy here varies someone exchange of explicit verbal abuse in a very aggressive, physical assault, and more disturbing scene(s) where “careless broadcast” of sexual performance is aired to the viewing public.  The controversial list is endless. Is it also the break-ups that occur where supposed married housemate [in real life] get their “hands and pants” dirty in the house and after returning home empty handed from the failed sojourn to the land of the “promiscuous” to a partner who probably thought to himself/herself “what is there to cash in on, after all, he/she never got paid for going through this show of shame called reality TV”

Meanwhile, Karen Igho, from Nigeria shared the spot with Wendall Parson, from Zimbabwe as 2011 joint winners. However, Karen, described as a street girl in BBA, who had also taken to various odd jobs before entering BBA house was said to have started as nobody, a girl without fatherly figure [this is not her fault by the way, you may want to put some measure of blame on the “looser father” for this] was forced to live with her grandmother for most part of her early years. She tried to escape into marriage but ended up a failure. She later opted out of marriage and tried her luck in diverse odd jobs, including stripping at night clubs et al. Long story short, this is where we are right now i.e. winner of BBA 2011 with a lifeline to go with it.

If you’ve got eyes you’ll agree home girl is living her life right now by the sumptuous cash prize she “ran away” with [no hard feelings], after all she gave the viewers what they wanted??? Or how do one explain the fact that out of every contestant in the house she got the most votes?

So, why am I going on and on with all these ramblings you ask? Well, I love the Nigeria I grew up to know in my early years as a kid, where values are placed on sound ethical standards and respect for everyone but sadly modernization has been redefined time and over again. I thought being Hip meant you do all you can to stay ahead in everything good? [Just musing] I am totally perplexed by the decadence this lifestyle called “Hip” now displays with wanton abandonment all over the place.

Finally, dear entertainment cronies, I hereby admonish you, to please, as this year’s version gathers momentum for premiere remain wary of this epidemic that keeps dragging our youth down the muddled route. The more we brush it aside [and say it’s just entertainment] the more we shoot ourselves in the leg while the wound degenerate by the day. Get me right! I am in no way insinuating you deprive yourself of good entertainment programme on TV, in fact what I’ll rather you do is start searching for the million and one options out there to entertainment yourself with. But make sure you are entertained and not corrupted.

This is my remix version of the Tuface Idibia’s track. And if you forgot all so soon what song I’m talking about please see 1st paragraph.


I am very talented; I eat and I sh**t music.singing alongside world famous musicians like Mariah Carey and Whithney Houston is not a “Rice and Bean” business. But unfortunately I can only be that famous celebrity singer in my comfy dreamworld.

2face-NY Davido-Overseas-Art-CoverICE-PRINCE-WINNER-Song-of-the-year-best-rap-single

In reality though, most families are like mine: a star musical child(whose fame never crawl out of our living room) and her tone-deaf, butterfingered siblings. Unfortunately, most of my family’s music talent went to my sister, leaving me with a dwindling karaoke career and my crowd-less bathroom concert.

So aside from having a good eyes for news and gossip A.K.A Aproko, I’m pretty much useless musically. Fortunately for anyone who has had to suffer through my rendition of our National Anthem, you would agree that talent is indeed “inbuilt”.

For those who haven’t had the dreadful privilege of listening to  my ‘bone crushing” voice I hope you would agree with me that in Nigeria music industry, not every album  selling out musician  is actually talented.

Now why would I say that? Well for one, today’s music is so pervasive and in-your face that we dare not imagine a life without it, irrespective of your status or location. It is that“bad”! But just as we are often propelled by inspiring musical presentations; so are we sometimes dismayed at the irreverent hollowness of some “hip” music, chant about a girl’s exaggerated “assets”, sex and clubbing all in the name of having  club song have been embraced over talent.

The promoters and producers now  tend to flow with the tide and stench of commercially accepted music. Sadly no one is paying attention to talent. Every unemployed youth sees music as a ladder to fast life and fame.

bouqui mocheda weird

Most Nigerian artistes, especially singers and wannabe musicians  make tidy lump of money, but their videos and lifestyle scream “Arab Money”.

But then again I am not complaining, am just sad.because the  decadence in the Nigerian music “industry” is bellowing near rupture; and the scattering, unfortunately, will engulf the good and the bad.

The way the industry is right now, people don’t care about talent. (Sorry am repeating it again If you have money to pay for your work(song) to be big, it will be big; that’s if you have to put money in certain places. Of course money is needed in the business, but not to pay radio stations, TV stations, certain blogs. Everything has been monetized, so where is the space for talent?

The only reason. Some talented musician survive is if they  add the  business edge to their music. Injumia Nigeria, if you decide you want to do elitist music, there are no proper channels to market your work and take it to those that really love that sort of music. But if you’re going to do club music, it would be easier to promote it.

Unfortunately the music with the most illicit lyric Is now  what sells,leaving no room for other genres of music to thrive on our soil. Many talented youths who want to touch lives with their music  are now discourage with the question, “Why make music when there is nobody to hear it? Why sell condoms in a seminary?

I stand to be corrected. The biggest songs in Nigeria in the last three or four years were publicized because they were paid for. And the audience would love whatever is drummed in their ears everyday. And for it to be drummed everyday, they pay for it. Music should appeal to you, not forced on you. We are in an industry now where it is forced.

The latest development I gather is that artistes now pay promoters to attend some of these big shows so that they appear to be everywhere. Again, Nigerian music industry is dying; though it seems that we are taking over the Africa and even the world music scene  but frankly, our industry will, or probably have to die ‘patapata’, before it can truly rise, and take its due position, in the light of things. Incidentally, the best hands to give it life are the same ones starving it of the elixir for irreversible success -the young Nigerian artistes.



2 thoughts on “Opinion Edition [OPED]

  1. talking of “the talented ones” …y’all should do a piece on this craazay rapper i saw perform once… “Ambassage”. he Rapped & sang WHILE PLAYING THE PIANO… almost surreal… something i’ve never seen before..never.

  2. Nice observation. I think it’s an African problem. Music with moral value content is not thriving but about bitches and money, sob sob.

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