Watch OUT!!!: Champion’s Conference 2016 [CC2016], Theme: ‘Building Our Africa: Looking Inwards’, Date: 5th Nov., 2016, more details soon!!

championsExecutive Summary:

Teo-Inspiro International, a social enterprise, in partnership with Tony Oruarooghene Foundation [TOF] will host the 7th edition of Champion’s Conference on the 5th of November, 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘BUILDING OUR AFRICA:  LOOKING INWARDS’.

The focus of the conference this year is to encourage young Nigerians to begin the demonstration of leadership from their immediate environment and sphere of influence. Our emphasis is on the fact that every human person has a talent, and they can decide to utilize it as an opportunity to show leadership and influence their community positively. Although we want to hold our government at every level responsible and accountable, the most important place to effect change is in our communities. 

The theme,  ‘BUILDING OUR AFRICA: LOOKING INWARDS’ drawsit-connect-bannerad attention to the fact that the continent of Africa will be built and developed by Africans. This year we want to encourage young people to deliberately brainstorm on creative solutions to our challenges as a continent, with special focus on performing arts, and entertainment. We strongly believe that appreciating and utilizing the artistic potentials of young people can provide an opportunity for innovative solutions to the many challenges in the region. Looking inwards accentuates the importance of ownership by young Africans to create the continent they want to live in and leave to other generations.

Target audience: Young Nigerians [12-35 years]


– To create a platform where young people can showcase their talents 

– To provide an opportunity for young people to get correct counsel from role models

– To provide a platform for peaceful, insightful, motivational and positive interaction amongst young Nigerians

– To provide mentorship and networking opportunities for young Nigerians

MORE DETAILS COMING SOON…!londretan banner2


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