Exclusive interview with “Clare Ezeakacha”, an established On Air Personality and the brain behind recently premiered movie, ‘Gone Grey’ at Cinemas across Nigeria.

Watch out world! [—drum roll—] Here she comes! The next BIG thing to happen to us all!

If I were you I’d get a glass of wine while seated to watch this Nigerian creative beauty about unravel before our very eyes. Yes, and trust when we say she’s in no ‘shy zone’ to flaunt [with a decent sense of modesty though] a little as well.

Wrapped in her delectable frame is a Film Producer, Voice over Artiste, Content Producer, Mentor, Blogger and an On Air Personality. Safe to say she’s “been there, done that” and to quickly add that, she’s not about to stop as we’ve stated earlier. The Nigerian Entertainment scene is about to witness the definition of ‘Real’.  Ladies and gentlemen meet the lovely and gorgeous sweetheart ‘Clare Ezeakacha’ aka the ‘Gwama on radio’.  13239218_10154266265678631_3396285031914633311_n

Her last stint before diving into the movie business was with Solid FM 100.9 Enugu as an OAP. She was the voice behind a host of programmes amongst which includes, Soul Sister, Morning Crow, Box Office News, Sunday Morning and The Kiddies Playground.

funTAQA caught up with ‘Clare Ezeakacha’ for a little chat about her recently premiered movie “Gone Grey” and more.


Clare and a colleague at the Sation as a Radio Presenter

Below is excerpt of our time with her –

Why did you did you leave your Radio job for Movie Production? 

Mmm, I haven’t totally left ooo, I just took a break. I still need my voice to be heard over and over. I have always loved to be on set, not as an actor tho, but one who would oversee activities going on.

What do you like most about your profession?

I love the fact that I’m able to express myself and be creative. So what I think of, I push to the director and sometimes the scriptwriter.

13256487_10154266262623631_3766812304567950534_nTell us about ‘Gone Grey’, your first movie.  

Yeaaa! Gone Grey is a beautiful movie, written by Lani Aisida, directed by Sobe Charles and co-produced by Seyi Hunter. It’s a movie that reveals the dark secret of a very popular philanthropist.

What are the challenges you experienced during the production of ‘Gone Grey’?  

Well, maybe I’d say funds but asides that, everything was good
You also premiered ‘Gone Grey’ at the cinemas recently please tell us, what’s the feedback from viewers? 

Oh yes, errrm, the feedback was positive and super encouraging, that’s why i’d love to do more and even better. 

Judging by the many challenges of making movies in Nigeria can you tell us exactly why you chose this career path?


Clare [2nd left] and some colleague at Gone Grey Movie Premiere at the Cinema recently

I have always been a fan, and I mean a big fan of Nollywood from the time of checkmate, behind the cloud, I’ve always wanted to be a part of it but not to act ooo. I knew it was going to happen somehow and it just clicked for me. I needed the right time and opportunity.

If you hadn’t been born in this century, when and where would you like to have lived?

Haaa, no other planet oo except heaven, I would have been an angel from day 1.

For anyone willing to follow suit and join the league of movie producers please can you advice them on how not to waste time? i.e. how do you get everything you need done to complete a movie project without losing hope, money or interest?

I believe in passion and determination. I am not one who believes in “let us just try” or “it may not work”. Whatever it is you want to do has to be made up in the mind, once you tell yourself “this is what I want”, then go for it. See eh, nothing comes easy and I believe for you to achieve big it must come with lots of shaky parts enroute that success way. Guard yourself and be prepared for disappointments because it must come, trust me. But hey, at the long run, you’d smile. So never give up.12994449_1300342833313416_2955182839783167946_n

How easy was it to get people to buy into the ‘Gone Grey’ project?  

Well, it was kinda easy, I talk for a living, a lot of people who know me, know my strength and my worth so it was easy for them to believe in my project. 

Who do you respect in the Movie business home and abroad?

I respect all of them. 

If you were a man how different do you think your career would have gone?

If abi, I would have been able to put my head everywhere, push more than I am doing. But you know na, as a lady I need to thread carefully but still with zeal and a stubborn head kinda. londretan banner2

What do you do in your spare time?

I eat, drink cocacola, read, watch movies and a Lil mentoring here and there.

There’s still a lot to be done to bring Nollywood to a place of repute on the global scale, what advice can you lend in order for us to realize this dream? 

Well, it’s about learning everyday. We need to advance/upgrade everyday, so it requires that we learn and experiment.

What part do you think movie plays in nation building, and do you think movie producers can use it as a tool to effect some changes in the dynamics of people’s everyday living?


Clare having a coaching session with some youths somewhere in Lagos

The Nigerian movies individually have various roles they play. Some movies depicts our African culture, teaching the younger ones to embrace our culture and understand more about it, some others teach about etiquettes and morals helping to build the younger generation in making better life choices. Just like the short movie “Enitan”, shows how parents should show more attention to their kids. And ofcourse movie producers can use this as a tool to effect changes.

Do you think critics expect too much from Nollywood movie producers? 

Oh sure they do and it is super annoying. Lol

How much do you draw on your own life’s experience when developing a movie script?

To an extent, I put in some of my experiences to make the movie a reality. 

When are you completely satisfied with your work?

I’m never satisfied sincerely so I always ask questions, suggestions and peoples’ opinion. And I also have a special critic so once I get his constructive opinion then we are good to go. Growing and learning is a lifelong process and for anyone who’s really aiming for something great you never really settle you only keep getting better.13310483_10154266284748631_6032994576782401230_n

What’s your life’s philosophy?

What is worth doing, is worth doing well.

Any other immediate project we should look out for?

Yes, pretty soon too. Please watch out!

Any parting words for fans and prospects here?

Keep faith in God. Don’t be ashamed to learn new things. Step out in confidence and hunger for knowledge.

To watch the Trailer of Gone Grey play below –


wardrobes bannersss


4 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with “Clare Ezeakacha”, an established On Air Personality and the brain behind recently premiered movie, ‘Gone Grey’ at Cinemas across Nigeria.

  1. That’s sure Sisi Clara, always bin my biggest inspiration, moving forward is her key, stand up and continue… God bless you MA, I hail

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