New Single Alert!!! “Le-Boo” by the contemporary music maestro himself “HenriSoul”

Le Boo CoverIt’s that time of the year when love re-awakens in the hearts of many so why not celebrate with this fresh new hit track. From the stable of a blessed soul [Henrisoul] who’s got nothing but love for his fans all over the world here’s “Le-Boo” for your listening delight.  

Dedicated to:

The one who is always there,

The one who knows all your flaws and shortcomings but decides to live with  it for the rest of her life,

The one you run to when you are messed up

The one who holds you up and hug you when the hurdles of life try to weigh you down

The one who tells you “You are the best” when nobody believe’s in you

Your treasure Your queen Your “Le-boo”

Produced mixed and mastered by London based music producer Mr Shabz

Click below to listen – 



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