First Ionic Nigerian Meetup & Mini Hackton, Date: 23rd January, 2016, Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm, Venue: [CC-HUB] Co-Creation Hub Nigeria – 294 Herbert Macaulay Road. Yaba. Lagos, Admission is FREE!!!

iconinewIt’s 2016 and Ionic is finally officially coming to Nigeria. Thanks to Sani Yusuf , the Organiser of the Ionic UK community and the CCHUB family, The first Ionic Event will be happening on the 23rd of January 2016 at the CCHUB In Yaba. There will be space for only around 90 people so be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible. 

The Agenda

  • Building Mobile Apps With Ionic & Angular – Sani Will kick things off by giving a very in-depth talk about Ionic V1 and tell you all about its great features. He will also showcase some really great live code and show you some really cool apps that have been built with Ionic all over the world. He will then round up by providing you with links and also touch on Ionic V2 a bit.
  • Break With Free Drinks Pizza & Swag 
  • Mini Hackathon – This is a short session where we will break into groups and all just learn to create some cool stuff with Ionic. There will be a mini giveaway where some cool mini gifts will be given away. The whole point is not to challenge each other, but to all come together have fun and build some pretty cool stuff.

Network opportunities with great people from startups like Haibrid, OOmec, Andela, Stutern, e.t.c.

Date: 23rd January, 2016

Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Venue: [CC-HUB] Co-Creation Hub Nigeria – 294 Herbert Macaulay Road. Yaba. Lagos

Gate: FREE!! To register click – FIRST+ionic+NIGERIAN+meetup+mini+HACKTON


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