Call for Entries”: IREP International Documentary Film Festival 2016

irepTheme:  #CHANGE – Documentary Films as Agent Provocateur! 

“Africa is going through a whirlwind of complex issues on many fronts that challenge our understanding of the world, of ourselves and how we sustain our pursuit of peace and prosperity. Poverty, epidemics, Terrorism, civil wars, racial inequalities, economic imbalances, imperialism, corruption and political divisions – these challenges are urgent and critical. They demand a response. In a world of Sound-bites, documentaries provide an opportunity to think, understand, and connect the dots. Documentary films are exploring the issues of our time, offering perspective, historical context and possibilities. They are controversial, divisive, fascinating, unexpected, and surprising. 

Documentary is not a deliberate art form. It starts from questions not answers. It’s success relies not in having all the answers, but in asking the right questions. Documentary is subversive in the the age of change.”  

Femi Odugbemi, Co-Founder & Executive Director, [IREP Documentary Film Forum]

Submission Guidelines:  

  • Film must represent the African experience i.e. the subject matter must address or celebrate African issues.
  • Non English language must have English subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue list will not be accepted.
  • TWO DVD copies of the work, formatted for multi-zone must be submitted and labeled with the works title, running time, format [PAL or NTSC] and director[s] name [s]. Check that each submitted DVD play in its entirety on consumer DVD players [where applicable, use permanent marker to write necessary information].  
  • To submit your film online, upload to Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Hightall or any FTP site and send the download details to –
  • Film’s  Stills [300dpi jpg] or Digital poster should be sent to –
  • The final shortlist film will be determined by festival management. The festival management reserves the right to show a film or not, based on the advice of its film selection committee.
  • All film applicants having submitted a film for pre-selection shall be adviced by e-mail by March whether their entry has been included in the festival programme.

Submission closes 29th January, 2016

For more go about the organizers click – HERE wardrobes banner 2


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