Feature: “Some startling rocket science discoveries” by Segun Adefila

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EHEN! While you’re at it, here are some startling rocket science discoveries:

Do you Know…..? 

Do you Know that Peak Milk is the official drink and Garri is the official Food of the Super Eagles of Nigeria? [Golden Eaglets got a whooping #20k for their effort- I hear someone say…]  

Do you Know that Fufu is far more expensive than Fried Rice and Chicken in great London?

Do you Know that Chickens slaughtered on the 25th December will all make Heaven?

Do you Know that some Mess are more dangerous than cigarette smoke?

Do you Know your sneezing is faster than an Electric train? 

Do you Know that you can hold a live wire wearing Slippers without being killed…. it will only fling you up and down, left and right?

Do you Know that everybody have tasted Coca-Cola for one reason or the other?

Do you Know that some girls’ tongue can kill faster than a grenade?

Do you Know that in every city around the world an Igbo is somewhere doing Business? [Not everybody is agitating for a split even if we all clamour for justice and mutual respect]wardrobes banner 2

Do you Know that Mr Beans has a friend in Ghana named Mrs Yam?

Do you Know that NEWS means North, East, West and South? So when you hear Breaking News it means somewhere in the world is breaking apart.

Do you Know that most Nigerians don’t smoke hemp from India?

Do you Know that some people’s  lies can make a Cripple run for dear life…? SMH

Do you Know that Odeku is anoda name for Gulder?

Do you Know that Fura da Nunu is more Nutritious than Dano, Peak, Loya, Milksi and Cowbell join together?

Do you Know that Classic is the best Musical Star from Bauchi State so far?

Do you Know that you’ll Witness 2016? Say Amen!

See you soon!

By: Segun Adefila

Segun-Adefila2Segun Adefila is a performance artist based in Lagos Nigeria. He holds a B.A. in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and is a founding member and Artistic Director of the Crown Troupe of Africa, a dance-theater Company in Bariga, Lagos State.

He has worked extensively in the integrated arts of dance, drama, music and visual arts. He has been the subject matter of an award winning documentary Bariga Boy.  Segun has performed in Nigeria, UK, Germany and Trinidad and Tobago


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