Exclusive interview with “Casey ED”; winner “Season 2 Mnet – Glo Naija Sings” Music Competition

banner berry.jpg2gq casMeet “Casey ED”, winner of the Season 2 Mnet – Glo Naija Sings Music Competition 2010. He hails from Warri North Local Government, Delta State. Born and raised in Kaduna Zaira amongst three siblings. A lover of the creative and all that nature’s blessed humanity with, passionate songwriter, musician, humanitarian, actor and presenter. 

Casey ED says, “he isn’t done yet” as he is set on re-launching himself back [fully] into the Nigerian Entertainment music scene. Our guest is also not also ashamed to talk boldly about his Christian faith.

See below our interview with him…

So where have you been since Glo Naija Sing’s experience?IMG-20151118-WA0002

I have been around growing my craft, evolving, doing my best to influence my world with my music, gifts, projects, concerts and the likes. I’ve also released a couple of singles like #Oritsejolomi #ComeAndSee #MostHigh an EP [Extended Play] during the fall of 2014. Presently working on more materials to create more songs.

Did you just tried and your “hustle” was rewarded [emerging as the Glo Naija Sing winner] like most Nigerians do or you’ve always known you are a musician all along?

For me, as far back as I can remember [growing up] I’ve always had a deep connection and relationship with music. With music I [seemed to] matter, I could always express myself deeper than words distinctively, through the challenges of growing up as a kid, music dwarfs everything else. I’ve always known I was a musician all along, I knew I had a purpose with music.

How impacting as the competition being on your career as an artiste?

The competition did impact my career positively, even till date I still get the recognition and respect for winning that event. It has helped by giving me a platform to express myself on a wider scale, the competition brought out the best of my capabilities and versatility too.

When you are not doing music what else do you find time enjoying?IMG-20151118-WA0005

When I am not doing music, I also enjoying writing, speaking, acting, travelling to new places and meeting new people.

In your own words how would you describe a successful person?

To me, a successful person is first, one who knows or has found his purpose for being on this earth, because you can be living and doing something else that people celebrate you for but if it’s not your true purpose then you haven’t truly lived and amazingly if we are true to our inner discuss we know there is no success in us. A successful person knows his purpose, and then he or she works to achieve it. Success is “who you are” before “what you do”, success is a process. It can be measured at different levels or phase of your journey, it’s not an end. It is not about how much you amass materially or financially, it is about how many lives you can affect and give to.

If you’ve had any, what’s the most unbelievable rumor you ever heard about yourself?

I really don’t pay attention to rumors really because rumors stem from defeat or some defeated virtue somewhere, they are inconsequential to my agenda.

How would you rather people relate with you i.e. the “celebrity or the real you”?

I prefer people relate with me as “Casey”, that guy who lives, breaths, feels, has challenges, expectations, shortcomings like everyone else and not with the whole celeb perspective or impressionism. The whole “celeb propaganda” most times try to box one up into ideals or characters, that’s not me and I can’t be comfortable with it because most times we are made to always try and impress or meet up with the celeb status quo.. I think the question the so called celeb should ask him or herself is “what are they truly celebrating about me”?


Casey ED [Middle Back wearing Rastacap] at a Campus Event as a Guest Artiste

What inspires you in life?

God, and everything I engage in life… be it people, situations, challenges, animals. nature, everyday experiences. Most times it’s those seemingly little details that hit me in the heart, those mostly missed childlike encounters…

What’s your favourite album by another artist?

Well I’ve got a lot of favorite albums! But Micheal Jackson’s Off The Wall and Thriller, Bob Marely, Adele 19, Asa’s Beautiful Imperfection for specific.

wardrobes banner 2What’s your take on censoring some music from enjoying air-play on Nigerian Radio or TV Stations?

I think it is a necessary step to censor materials being aired on TV or Radio stations in Nigeria because the message some of these materials are not healthy to the listeners in respect to moral values and otherwise. Nudity, vulgar languages and repressions ideals which are negative to the listeners especially the young naïve ones and society at large.

If you could give the biggest award to just one musician globally who would that be? And why?

I think I would give that award to Asa, because being an African/Nigeria she has transcended and taken her music to a global audience. I also think she has great character.

Do you censor yourself i.e. have you ever written anything and then you feel “oops, not going there”?

No I have never found the need to censor myself, I write what I believe, I am first a disciple of the message in my songs so everything I write I am confident about.

If you could star in a re-make of a Nollywood film, who would you want to play and why?IMG-20151118-WA0003

Well, that would be Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD). I’d love to play his role because [to me] he is the best male actor in Nollywood by far. As far back as when I was a kid I watched and admired all the roles he played. He interprets them with finesse, accurate characterization, reality.. He is so intelligent.

What’s next for Casey ED now and in 2016?

Casey ED is a crusader, a revolutionist, an agent of change so expect more great and true music from me. I am also looking to launch my books, movie roles and in short if you find me anywhere in the Nigerian creative industry know that I am there for you and it’s my duty to let everyone hear and see me. I am open to partnership, sponsorship, managements and the likes. It’s my life and it’s a gift from God, when it’s all said and done am here to leave the world better than I met it. But hey, I rock too. Lol! I also I haven’t decided yet maybe to launch my album or just do different single release… Time will tell, fam.

A final word for your fans and prospects here.

You are not my fans, you are my celebrities, my stars, the reason am here and I hope our relationship can blossom into true friendship.. Thank you for all your support over the years! May all your dreams and visions come alive! Never give up on yourself, be yourself, stay true to yourself even if you are not generic or conventional. Believe yourself first before anyone.

See one of his Videos [shot in France] below:


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