Feature: “Watery Love” by Tomide Olukuade

teary manOkay, I’ll confess. But don’t be disappointed. I did it. I shed a tear. Yes, I’m that weak, that soft – hearted. I’m that kind of a man who gives in to the rhythms and shades of human plight and pleasure. I do the rough and quirky drive along the undulating tapestry of the human soul. And I’m back to me.

Much thanks for the gift of tenderness, for a non calloused heart. Tenderness makes bold; calls out the strength in us, even if it shows up with its entourage of emotions. Tenderness removes the sting of hurts and lights up a fire in cold hearts. A minute without it is hell fast-tracked.

So, if the weather within gathers water behind those misty eyes, do not forbid. Do not deny. Let them drop. That is the strength of a good man; never a vice or a weekness. Count your blessings and be happy if your humanity is such that embraces the reduction of your feelings into watery love. Your world is beautiful because of hearts like yours.

To all hearts that bleed their love through their eyes; to all who see solutions and relief through misty pathways; to all Generals of the Order of the White Handkerchiefs, you are the humanising tonic of a world gone brazen crazy.

Stay human.wardrobes banner

Tomide Olukuade is a Life Advisor and Writer. His passion lies in introducing people to their able-selves. He loves it when smiles result from his engagement with people; when they morph on from disadvantage to advantage. With a career in media and communications that has spanned two decades, he’s consistently deployed his creative approach to proffering solutions to life’s many issue. Follow –  @tomidespeaking.


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