Entrepreneur and Event Ushers Provider: Mercy Ihekoronye Chinwendu

2Mercy has always dreamed of being a Service Provider. She has a passion for distinct excellent client care and service delivery. Mercy is the founder of Perfect Ushers, a world-class event ushers provider that sets high standards for the Event-ushering industry in Africa.

She was born on a warm, sunny day on May 5 in Abia State, Nigeria. She attended Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School. Mercy received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Biochemistry, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, and a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations optimist of Lagos State University. She has always believed that anything is possible, this optimistic belief has kept her going even in tough times. Her greatest fear while growing up is becoming stagnant and not being able to make a positive impact to her immediate environment and to the world at large.

6According to Mercy, she got tired of meeting rude and unpleasant ushers at events. She decided to do something about it and that was how Perfect Ushers was born. Her company provides ushering services for all kind of events, parties, weddings, exhibitions, Seminars, Conference e.t.c. Her aim is to provide excellent ushering experience and provide world class professional ushers that are second to none and highly experienced.

7She got her first job to provide ushers in 2012. She could tell her first set of event ushers were very nervous. After the briefing and it was time to deliver, things didn’t go as planned, however they managed to ensure flops weren’t noticed. This made the Perfect Ushers Strategic team to re-strategize and ensure Communication, Attitude, Effective Planning and Appearance was worked to get Perfect Ushers to where it is now.

The part she loves most about her job is when her clients get satisfied with the services she had rendered.

8In July 2014, she organized a training for event ushers and aspiring ushers to help them improve on their ushering skills, and to help the new ones learn the essentials that will enable them turn out exceptional ushers and for corporate/individual bodies to understand the services they pay for.

9Mercy has never been afraid to try on different hats. She is also a Safety and Business Professional.  She has served as the Field Projects Coordinator for health programs; Team leads in Safety Projects/ Campaigns, Several Engineering Projects and currently serves as the QHSE Manager at GreenPower Overseas Ltd.

1She served as a Field Projects Superintendent for a sub urban campaign/project conducted for an NGO (Creating Local Connection West Africa (CLCWA). This involved actively coordinating volunteers via rural tours and implementing awareness programme against tuberculosis and malaria, through the Ministry of Health in 2008. She was also a team lead at the fire safety research conducted at the Central Business District in Victoria Island area for the Lagos State Government.

As an advocate of excellence, Mercy believes that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

10What life means to Mercy: Making a positive impact to the world, and inspiring others to become better people.

Words of Wisdom:

“You make a living by what you get and you make a life by what you give” – Winston Churchill.

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur and Event Ushers Provider: Mercy Ihekoronye Chinwendu

  1. I love your post and I would really like to join the perfect ushers…
    please.. how can I become a part of your excellent team.
    My name is Jennifer Roberts.. I’m a resident of Lagos State.. My email is edidiongroberts@yahoo.com…please contact me

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