DON’T THINK. THINK!- Tomide Olukuade

thought-bubbleHush…Tell it to hush. Shush it. That voice in your head spewing incapacitating garbage. Not anymore would you allow formless thoughts cripple your creative engine. At least you now know that it’s the small bad that brings the big good down when carelessness takes charge. Ask the man who spills a little soup oil on his white shirt; find out from the pilot whose aircraft’s small tyre would not come out at landing. On the one hand it’s big embarrassment. At the extreme, it is gross calamity. Small things, seemingly inconsequential things, formless or bodyless things can shut down a promising life on a flight. So, you take care of your mind. Guard it jealously against self-defeating, self-belittling and self-degrading thoughts. Consider it an insult to the divine faculty that constituted you if a thought stepped up to your mind and tries to seduce you to believe the ‘I can’t’, “its not possible” “I’m too small” “not for my type” mantras. You have a responsibility to shut it down. You have the license to take it out. Never be a gentleman with such.

I see the future in your eyes; don’t let a wicked voice in your head steal it. You’ve got a great task in your hand, never let small fries stop you from the benefit of your labour. Its time to ditch wrong thinking, low thinking and lying thinking. Much of what that voice tells you are lies. If you allow them, they become your reality. So anytime that negative voice speaks to your head, know it for what it is: “liar, liar, liar”. Be the champion of achieving thoughts, empowering thoughts. Beautiful thoughts. Paul of Tarsus put it this way: “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praise-worthy – think about such things”. That is your thinking guide. Embrace it.

You will succeed!

Tomide olokuade is a transformational speaker and writer whose passion lies in introducing people to their abler selves. He loves it when smiles result from his engagement with people; when they morph on from disadvantage to advantage. A career in media and communications that has spanned two decades background his creative approach to creating solutions. Follow him @tomidespeaking

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