‎​BELIEVE IT IN-Samuel Onatuga-Isichei

“Our founding fathers did not believe in the future, they believed it in.” ——Robert Frost

14372612-believe-written-with-butterflyAccording to Robert Frost this phrase was one of the most fundamental success principles of the American founding fathers which is that they believed their success in and didn’t believe in it.
It is one thing to believe in success as all people in the world today do but it is another thing entirely to believe it in. The real secret of anything is to believe it in and success is no difference.

A lot of people believe in a wide variety of things which is ok however when it comes to success in the true sense of the word, it is not enough for us to believe in success rather we must believe it in. To believe it in, in simple terms means that we must see our objective hope as a present fact in our mind and not as something that would be accomplished in some distant future. Most people believe that they would be successful in some time in the future however the thing we all must realize is that, it is ok for the man who desires to achieve success by his physical strength which accounts for less than 5% of his entire being to believe in success in the future. Such individual can afford to use all of his physical might and even go borrow from others so as to achieve success and when this is done, he achieves success at either the expense of his health, sanity, family or something of greater value and this is not the definition of true success but a form of adjustment on the surface while the person suffers internally. And it is most unfortunate that this is the trend we see around us today. 

However on the other hand, we can follow the route of all great men who were not only success but left their marks in the hall of humanity and to do so requires that we bring the other and larger part of our being – the reaming 95% into the equation. To do this requires a very different understanding of its working principle and one very important principle that is very unlike what we know and are used to is that the remaining 95% of our being doesn’t understand the language of past and future, it can only think in terms of the present and it thinks deductively. What this means is that in putting the mind to use we must mentally assume our desired success to be present mentally fact because it seems as though the mind would do very little for us unless we first assume the wish fulfilled.

Ours is not to worry about how it would come about because the finite can never dictate to the infinite thus ours is to mentally assume that we are already the success that we desire and THINK FROM being a success and not of it because we are always thinking from where we are in consciousness and of what we want or desire.

Samuel Onatuga-Isichei is a Transformational Speaker, Consultant and Trainer. He studied Politics and International Relations at the University of London.He is presently the Executive Director of Mahomet Center,a personal development outfit.He has written books like The Alchemy of Success and Living in a Temptalised society. Follow him on twitter@MahometCenter to find out more.


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