forgiveOne major limitation we face in our attempts to master Anger is the tendency to be Vindictive. It is difficult for many of us NOT be vindictive: holding on to a past grudge (consciously or unconsciously) and restraining ourselves from being wholesome because of the effect of being vindictive. Being vindictive is Self-disparaging. It is you who ultimately gets ‘boxed in’. In Anger Mastery though, we validate that it is IMPOSSIBLE to fully forget an offence. You may not remember spontaneously every time but when a similar occurrence happens, your mind finds a former occurrence and flags a memory. Therefore: we say FORGIVE but don’t pretend to FORGET. You are an Active; Living mind… to Forget is not humanly practical. To Forgive:

1. Take Your Own Time & at Your Own Pace to Let go

2. Choose to Do it. Don’t be coerced to Forgive

3. Seek Help to attain a quicker pace/rate of Forgiving:

Pray, Ask Better minded people, emulate better characters…

Anger can be mastered.

Let’s do it.

M a k t u b!!!

Samuel Obafemi is a  Mind & Emotion Therapist, Stress Management, Anger Mastery & Emotional Intelligence Expert, Life Coach and Mgt Consultant.Follow him on twitter@sobafemi to find out more.



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