Women don suffer!!!

Whoever said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach was way off the mark. Actually, the way to a man’s heart is a few inches below his stomach.

These days you hardly hear a Nigeria songs that doesn’t talk about women; either as a love item or a sex item. Although there is this saying that men love where they came out from and they are ever looking for ways to go back in; but I didn’t know it’s this bad. Why are there so many songs about women, sex, women, sex all in the guise of doing a song based on love and relationships. “Baby shakes this, baby shake that, Baby if you kill me I no go die again”

Although I must state here that there are a few song about women and other issues that are positive(kudos to those musicians, they know themselve) the fact still remains that most male ceebrities would have been sweepong ojuelegba bridge today if they haven’t  done one song about a woman.

No cite here, but  95% of songs I hear on the radio are about guys singing about girls, getting the opposite sex, losing them, longing for them, trying to forget them, etc. Can’t humanity think of other things to sing about?

Where are all the songs about identity crises and aspirations and death? Sometimes when I hear a stupid “lust” song, with senseless lyric; I feel like bursting into tears and going down on my knees to pray. Praying I don’t die of a broken brain listening to wacky music.

It’s no longer news that today our Nigeria music /videos objectify women. A Music/video that doesn’t talk about women is hardly ever appreciated or comericial. And when I say women I am not talking about your adverage “independent woman, working class confident lady looking for love” No! I mean women whose whole purpose of their sexuality is to tantalise males. (Its not enough that they sing about they still had to potrary us as mental horse on heat) a typical case is when the man in the video is teased by two women or more women who pretend to enjoy one another, just to excite him.creating a  typical porn-style lesbian fantasies.

falvorAt least if these music videos are suppose to be “blue film” In nature; shouldn’t the male singers also bare it all? No, they are the super stars, they are well dressed but the female dancers are literally nude.

A random selection of videos suggests that basically, pert breasts, flat and lightly damp stomachs (ideally with a piercing), tightly encased bottoms, and heavily made-up faces are all we’re looking for from women. Women are meant to excite men by dancing around, for, and even on them, scantily dressed. This is the message videos now create  and I haven’t even mentioned the lyrics here.


And trust me 85percent of our musicians are guilty, and the infuritaing thing is that its not just male musicians alone but also most female musician are also guity.I wouldn’t want to start picking out videos and pointing fingers, but I will say this much most dirty music video focuses on the male as the protagonists surrounded by women. While the woman jobs is to clench and release their butts, shaking and jiggling as though they have nothing else on their minds.Seemingly satisfied to be nothing more than a side character who is there to please men.

Also there is also the picture of a typical female musician video. And here I thought perhaps at last we’ll see a strong woman. But no, she is singing about how much she needs to be loved to a man that is well dressed in designer suit and tie, while she (the musician) is dressed in her so called sexy bodysuit, revealing her cleverage, long legs and sexy figure. Whatever it is she is singing about, at least her male model can do it fully dressed.this goes to buttress my point that in this business women aren’t interesting to watch unless they’re nearly naked.

It’s something I cannot seem to connect with. There are some songs that catch my attention but for the most part there is no visceral connection between my solar plexus and my ears.

Years ago I held music in a higher esteem than I do now because today it either lacks the fundamental elements of style, percussion and syncopation because my brain cannot engage with it. I think it’s not about age or time of life because I listened to the most varied music available from akpala, juju, rock, adult contemporary and country music

correctmusicUnconsciously, music speaks to us and influences our thoughts, actions and character. This is why musicians have more power over society than politicians. If the media controls society, then musicians control the media.so when the musician itemize a woman, the fans follow with a appluade, not minding  if the lyrics is abusing their mothers,as long as the song have a  melodic hooks, not lyrical content. 

Although we all agree that Artists make, and companies sell, songs about relationships because most people have had relationships, and so have a higher chance of relating to any one song about relationships. But the way women are used and perceive in our Musics Videos is worrisome because they are being readily consumed by a young audience. Painting a half baked picture about how to treat a lady to adolescents who being permamently randy, as a result of hormones and frustration, use these song as ringtunes and idolizing the musician.

This type of “baby shake what your mama gave you” kind of music  reiterates a misogynistic stereotypes that men should be the dominant ones in a heterosexual relationship, one that should completely revolve around him, with his female counterpart having to dote upon and try to make him feel good by being all sexy.

You hardly see MVs that show men clinging on to women, having their lives revolve around them, or singing songs about making every wish of his girlfriend or wife come true.

Another aspect of this male-centred relationship is that during the beginnings of their relationships, ladies are always the ones who are completely uncertain and shy about love.  Generally male musicians are portrayed as the more experienced, “older” ones in the relationships, and can find themselves playing the stereotypical “bad boy” or “player” role. Some MVs, and songs, go even as far as to imply that men should not be sensitive or timid in terms of relationships, and should be more active and act confident.

Sometimes implying that the only way for a girl to be desirable is by her appearance and that confidence lies in how one looks. Telling boys that the way to a girl’s heart is by adopting this tough guy appearance.

Most lyrics of songs about men being in love with women list the things the men like about the ladies they are singing about, a list that centres on how the girl looks, in an objectified way. They look at various aspects of the girl, her legs, her eyes, her smile, and don’t see the girl as a whole and sentient being.

Which goes to shows to ladies that the only source of her beauty is through her features, not how she is as a person. The emphasis on appearance may be the result of an extremely appearance-conscious culture, but this still does not excuse the message that both young men and women will never be good enough, or desirable, unless they look like this or that, which only lowers their self-esteem and self-worth.

These days most musicians have run out of ideas on women theme songs; that tjey come out with stupid slangs “like “take Banana you go yo”

Enough is enough abeg, E don do una. Make una sing about sometin else. Haba there are so many other facets to life. Why aren’t there more songs along the lines of “I’m worried about the health of my Bingo” or “I love my children” or “our randy corrupt leaders, or “our jobless youth”? Please anything but a “baby baby shake it song”.

So readers, what MVs and songs have you watched and listened to that showed misrepresentations of women,love and relationships, or even songs and MVs with great representations? Share them in the comments below!



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